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OFFER! Now it will be even cheaper
To hire Limousine in Stockholm!

White Limousine to your Bachelor in Stockholm

10% discount in Stockholm Book a white Limousine on Originalprice  1700 kr and 2250 kr Highseasonprice.

It is often in the very last minute that bachelorette
& Stag party fixer figures out “We must find some
transportation. When the budget is finish since money instead goes to spa or other activities.
Limousine transportation is a very memorable gift.
The prospective bride/groom will appreciate
it so much. Taxi are never quite as festive (Amount  for 7 ladies/guys as parts) after offer ca 218 kr/pp Highseason ca 289 kr/pp) She/He is worth it!

A girl driving the limousine as a transport is a very
successful event. The future The bride / groom
appreciates it so much. Taxi is not as fun at all.

Often a replica that is recurring. “You are crazy –Who
came to with this? i never been in this kind of car.
I will never, ever forget this! Turn up the volume.
Open Champagne and let us celebration.

Photography is included in all runs. The driver is Annelie or Johan & photograph is more than
happy to celebrate your evening with a memory like mejlas a few days later only you say before
so the camera comes with.

Important to mention bachelorette/Stag party 10%
that discount to apply when you send email.

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