Limousine Stockholm

0736-43 88 86

Rent Luxury Limousine – The evening can
not Start better or why not end the best.


In the weekends we are all private drivers in town
you can book with the Limousine in Stockholm. Limo
to the party. Wedding Limousine. Limousin lemosin
Long Birthday Limousine to Grandmother or Grand
father Should it be surprised, it should be done
properly. The older have everything and a limousine
in a gift is always very successful.
Reserv Limousine Here.
Cruising and guided tours with white limousines.
Visit the Palace and the Guardian after a ride through
Old Town. Take a trip to Drottningholm. Invite Guests to
Friends Your Love and / or Family at One unforgettable
trip it will be talked about long time to come.
our customers book and rent limousines in Stockholm to
and from the Theater Bio Event at the C
Autotransportations Engagement & Suspension.
Transport to cruise ships. Shrimp 
archipelago boats.
Gröna Lund, Cabaret Musical. Concert Show Arenor.
Football Hockey, Monster Jam. Food Restaurants &
Piano Bars / Hotels and Nightclubs.
The list can be made long as there is no one Limitations
for when you can rent a Limousine. The limousines go
hot and we have many missions though There are gaps
sometimes moments when we have less to do. Waiting
for a return customer – THAT, you can be lucky to go at
a lower price 15% in discount if we are available for the
moment and not having much to do. Or just because we
are on really good mood and want to be kind to our guys.
One should not only take without giving sometimes too
may be needed a little soft limousine friendliness in a hard Stockholm.