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and Bachelorette 

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In the last second, most of the bridal fixers
that we must have a transport. Usually, the
budget is small since the money is instead
spent on dinner, spa or other activities.

Photography is included in all runs if you
wish. The drivers are Annelie or Johan who
are more than happy to photograph the Limo
which you get as a memory that is emailed a
few days later.

Spedial discount when you are more than 8.
Book both cars so that everyone can go at
the same time it’s not so important that
you all go in the same car we can stop half
way so the victim is switching to the other
Limousine and 2 Limousines is much cooler.

Many Syrian girls have started with bridal
habits which is fun starting to become a real
tradition. It is growing to rent a Limousine
with a private driver.

Often a Replication that’s Recurring
You’re Crazy – Who Got This? I have
never been in a Limousine.

Sometimes they crying happy teras.
I will not forget this ever thank you
sweetie!  Raise the volume now let’s
celebrate – Open the champagne.

The Bride / Groom appreciates
Limo as much as the Hummer
H2 Limousine, which is furthest
widest and largest in Stockholm
with its 10 meter black as sin this
Limo is brutal. the price will be
for the Hummer 7 pieces after the
discount 330 kr was white
Lincoln 230 kr each.

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