Limousine Rental

Lincoln Town Car Elegant

  • Max 8 passenger
  • From 1540 / 1700 kr / 2500 / 3400 / hour

A-Classlimo is not just a ride it’s a five-star driver’s service in Stockholm. When you enter one of our vehicles we offer professionalism and courtesy. Our drivers are chosen with care and offer one superior service. With our white beauty Lincoln. We exceed your expectations.

Hummer H2 Limo 10 Meter Black

The longest stretch Limousine in Stockholm is this brutal black 10 meter long hummer

  • Max 8 passagerare
  • From 2500 / 3500 kr hour

Hummer Limo At the top of Stockholm there is a Limousine that stands out and others notice! You will both be seen and heard with the worst stereo stereo.

Johan takes to altitudes you never thought possible and you will definitely not forget the journey in our H2. Go luxury and great with this black Limo.

The interior of the blue neon, changing in several colors a real eye magnet it is wider and longer than any Limousine in Stockholm.

You can celebrate birthdays and party a trip into town, usually be so successful. 8 you can be in the car and I promise you will have as much space for your legs. Listen to me and I will arrange a good price for you.

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