Limousine to Ball & Prom 2018

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From about 500 – 700 crowns, if you are 8 who share a limousine. Time to book a
Limousine transport Ball Student 2018. Lincoln Elegant white. Or Hummer it costs
a little more than 500 kr each. But what is 5 – 700 kronor in today’s  Sweden?  Many
youngsters when they call it is expensive with 500 kr each! One must not much for
those sums a half or full tank in Dad’s car, a mat box or 2.
I have reasoned that at least  500 kr can most afford to add per family. Actually The
hour starts counting from our garage in the inner city of Stockholm until the limousine
is back the garage again! A fixed price then in the rush traffic then all etx Baler starts
sometime between kl. 18 -19.30. In the midst of the rush traffic and all mothers /
dads who run their ball youngsters to bale all over Stan, do not make traffic better!
Kaos with queues now in the middle of October / Total disaster 2 weeks in June. Most
often you call to all Limousine companies from April to find cheap Limousines. We end
the call and when they have not booked any Limo after 2 months, there is not a single
limousine to rent as they have been waiting for too long. So be on time to book a limousine
already Now, the school should know what date each year the bell falls on, can differentiate
a day or 2. They Most bals and students are from 6 June until 20 June the first week very quiet
When the Limousine is booked and for a deposit, you can spend the time remaining on makeup
prom dress, Costume, put the shoes and go to the frieze! And facebooka of course =)

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