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Stockholm night can not start better or why not end best! Today Red departure 25% discount on the evening’s current rate e or very good special price on two Limousines when you are more than 8 – We stand for the Service You for the party Customers often say it is so nice to cruise in Stockholm at night & stop at Fjällgatan and that next time we ignore partying at home much nicer to sit all 8 connected to Bluetooth stereo heavy bass and good sound – why have we never figured out that you can party in a Stretch Limousine & everyone agrees that it was not the last time! And the female Driver who photographed us there was guaranteed one hundred percent Top Notch!


Red departure 10% discount on the eveningś current
Limousine or very good special price on two Limousines
when you are more than 8 

We stand for the Service you for the party – Customers
often say it’s so nice to Cruice with Limo in Stockholm at
night pass the place for the view over the City – So nice
to sit all 8 connected to Bluetooth stereo heavy bass and
good sound. Why have we never been able to party in a
stretch Limousine & everyone agrees that it was not the
last time cruising and guided tours with white Limousine
and the female driver take some photo of us itś the top notch!

I am driven by the desire to create Limousine trips that
are so clearly different from the crowd that it raises an
immediate habit. Limousine transport with that little
extra – makes it impossible to defend yourself. Limousine
that bring out that feeling – here I want to book my own
Limo alá Hollywood Style and arrive like a star as you
slide out the back door of the Limo that I open for you!

So incredibly nice welcome and extremely nice driver we girls are very happy with our ride and it will be many times a thousand thanks Annelie for a really good ride with you “Jennie Ekström F.d Kling”

I can really recommend booking a limo through Aclasslimo for Annelie is great to deal with, so professional Booked for my sister’s 50th birthday party & we went through town and had SO much FUN! Arriving in Tyrol, the evening continued with a wonderful party at Mamma Mia Limon, the highlight was clearly “Monique Andersson”

I can warmly recommend AclassLimo very good service and information by Annelie we celebrated my husband’s 50th birthday by riding the black lobster it was an incredible experience! The driver drove very well and smoothly “Camilla Sima”

AclassLimo Annelie and Johan listen to the customer’s wishes and do everything to get it fulfilled, daughter took the student and went with Johan and I have rarely seen a bunch of young people so happy happy and excited it was worth every penny “Ingela Cross ”

Such an incredibly good service! Can warmly recommend the A-Class limousine for those occasions when you are looking for something extra!
We were well taken care of right from the time of booking! The good service and very nice limousine made our evening unforgettable “Aska Watanwall”

When you are planning to have everyone in a larger party and want to stay together, it is perfect to rent one or two limousines. It’s easier than ever to book a limousine service near you all you need to do is get in touch with me Annelie here at A-Classlimo with all the questions and concerns you have. I am ready to help you and offer both telephone support and email around the clock every day of the week all year round.

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