Booking Rules are important you read

When you book an appointment I’m going to come I’m always on the corner just before to arrive on time. To have my back free and not get scolded =) I always reserve from unforeseen events accidents I can’t raw that can make not make the time dot without a minute over the promised arrival, happens a crash or other tokeri as environmental people blocking the road, well then there is not much we can do more than kindly wait. Texting, of course, if that were to happen!

How long does it take to complete a mission and how does it affect your wallet? A Friday evening from the food restaurant in town and home, instead of to will be cheaper for you then in the middle of rush hour traffic then I have to if I am going to be on site 17.00 leave home 3 hours before I will be on site with you. If you book a later time after dinner then only 1.5 hours of preparation. In rush hour traffic, my actual working hours in addition to garage garage will be 6-8 hours compared to recent times when traffic has settled only 3 hours which of course makes the cost higher for you. Of course, does not charge for the time around, but only the actual driving time.

If the car you booked breaks down – The most important thing in this situation is that the customer gets a limo & it can take 10 to 40 minutes find another car so late arrival it will be unfortunately but do the best I can. If we do not get hold of any other Limo, we will refund the entire amount you paid for the car. If we have the opportunity, you will be informed about the car change before arrival otherwise the driver explains on site.

If you booked a Lincoln, it may be that the lobster comes instead but then you get it for the same price as the other car you booked even though it is twice as expensive – and if the Hummer breaks then the Lincoln can come & then you get money back because Lincoln is cheaper. In the heat, these cars can boil and nothing we can afford, then we replace it with our other limousine if possible!

By garage garage is meant that the time – hour begins to be counted from we leave the garage empty until the car is back in the garage empty again. Etx if we have a drive in Örebro, we can not go there take 1900 kronor and go home again, but we must charge for the trip there and home.

Many people want to bring their own drink into the Limousines that you must bring up at the time of booking, if you bring it with you without getting the go-ahead (an okey) there is a risk the bottle may go in the tailgate, it is also important notify for the others who are going to go with it as it often has with it because you think it goes well. The picture below is one of the reasons why we want to have 100% control over our workplace and that means more work for the driver when the bar is used, although of course it does not get as messy as in the picture.

For discounted bookings, it can be thousands of dollars and it means more work for the driver when the customer brings their own drink into the car. The driver will then be happy for a little driks because the salary is reduced when the hourly rate on the Limousine is reduced. Nowhere as far as I know are you allowed to bring your own etx in the pub, flight and patisserie. On a full paying trip, I have a special deal that makes everyone happy but just discounted bookings then own drink is not okey. If you want to bring a bottle of bubbly, you must decide it with Annelie in case of a possible booking! Snacks are sometimes desired to take with them and even this we get to take over the phone usually settles in one way or another for the best! Some types of food are not so suitable in a Limo but we have to go through details orally instead.

Cancellation must be made no later than 14 days before your booked Limousine tour! If you rebook, it goes really well because then we have you left as a customer but a different date. When you book a limousine from us, we turn down other customers for the time you stay. If a cancellation is made close to the current date, ie less than 12 days before, we have lost other customers and are without a job. Then you will be charged for the full amount!

It is the customer’s responsibility to read the rules before the trip! The rules are not something we address and inform about its content, but each customer must familiarize themselves with our rules as when booking a flight! Even when you call and book, ie it is your responsibility go into reading the booking rules on the website.

Corona In case of illness, exceptions apply and cancellation can be made at any time until no later than the night before as the same day risks that we are on our way to you (not good) You must also send a copy of the sick certificate certifying corona! If the driver becomes ill in Corona, the same applies. Late cancellation without illness, then an hour’s charge must be charged by you.