Limousine – A Girl Driving in Stockholm

I’m a girl and drive a long car – Best of all you get the most flexible price – Limousine that fits your wallet – nothing is written in stone – get in touch!

The cars in question are Vanilla white Lincoln Town Car – Hummer H2 and Chrysler. our black Hummer at 10 meters with unlimited final steps – the sound in the is unbeatable and with a bass thump in the back that will be felt for a week after you have ridden the car. Johan is your Driver and he steers the long black big car with a used hand – you get a super nice and polite driver who takes the ladies’ hand when they have to step down the steps out of the back seat when delivered to your destination – He delivers you in style and elegance and you can feel like queens for an hour in the most royal limousine in Stockholm! 

Lincoln is a lady with soft shapes and is the classic Richard Gere An Officer A Gentleman Limousine – the film that many associate it with. The driver of the car is me, Annelie, and you drive safely and securely. Lincoln which is 8.60 meters long with laser and good bass in the speakers, champagne bar filled with ice to keep the drink well chilled before the trip. Take the opportunity to secure your transport. When we are out on the town evenings and nights and you call us, we have A-B runs with a small detour, at a cheaper price. 

It’s nicer to travel with a long stretch limousine than to take several taxis as the party atmosphere is unbeatable – those who go for the first time are completely blissful when they step out into reality again, this was the nicest and absolutely most fun I have ever experienced and will definitely hear from me in the future my mother’s birthday so it will be a great gift for her!

Thank you for driving us and how good you were at being able to drive this long car so well, you did not even notice that we were sitting in a car that felt like an airplane calm, quiet and pleasant. truly a memory I will carry with me for a long time to come. 

NOTE! Offer now 25% discount on the original price per hour when booking sending a mail.



Lincoln Town Car
Elegant White



25% on original price
1 hour 2260:- / 2850:- / 3850:-
25% on original price some tours
(1500:- 1700:- 1900:- some tours)


Hummer  H2
10 meters


25% on original price
5550:- 1 hour
(2500:- some tours)


Chrysler 300 


25% on original price
2700:- / 3700:-
(1700:- 1900:- some tours)