A little more personal warmer that goes the extra mile that no one else thinks about. Maybe it could be because I’m a girl and everyone else in the industry is guys

Hello welcome! I Annelie started this small company with only the white Lincoln. Then Johan came into the picture and the Hummer H2 became the new weapon puller. We are fighting against the big companies. I have created this website my way with warmth – honesty in a personal way. Hope you find it pleasant and that you wish to book one of our clean cars both inside and outside. If you are looking for that little extra with style & class – we think you will be happy with your trip.


A-Classlimo is not just a ride, it is a five-star Limousine service in Stockholm. When you enter one of our vehicles, we offer professionalism and courtesy – Care and offer a superior service – We exceed your expectations!

Here you can see which Limousines we rent out to you and who we drivers are who will take care of you. For many, renting a limousine is the first time.

25% off regular hourly rate for it’s you worth

Lady Limo driver Annelie

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