If  you get it for the same price as the other car you booked even though it is twice as expensive.

If the car you booked breaks down, we reserve the right from unforeseen accidents, as well as in the heat, these cars can boil and nothing we can raw for, then we replace it with another limousine. The most important thing in this situation is that the customer gets a Limousine. it can take 10 to 40 minutes to find another car so late arrival it will be unfortunately but do the best I can. If we don’t get another Limo, we’ll pay you back the full amount you paid for the car. If we have the opportunity, you will be informed of the change of car before arrival otherwise the driver will explain on site. If you booked a Lincoln, it may be that the lobster will come instead but then you get it for the same price as the other car you booked even though it is twice as expensive.

Cancellation must be made no later than 12 days before your scheduled run! When you book, we turn down other customers – the time you keep. If a cancellation is made close to the current date i.e. less than 12 days before and we lost another customer then you will be charged for the full amount!  Many people want to bring their own drink into the Limousines and it is possible in most cases to bring a bottle according to agreement! For discount bookings then there are other rules – please let us know and we will take it if you have a booking! It is the customer’s responsibility to read the rules before the trip! In case of illness and or Corona, exceptions apply and cancellation sits at any time upon presentation of a copy of the sick certificate that is emailed to us. Our cancellation policy is clearly available at the booking forms and nothing we inform about in sms, but you should read our rules before the booking is made! The booking is binding even when orally and by email even if the booking confirmation is delayed ngn day. In case of cancellation, it is really good to rebook to another date – day!