If you want to ride in the largest car with 22 seats with good legroom, you should ride in this super long monster car. Impress the birthday child

Throughout the winter and spring you get a 25% discount on the regular hourly rate, so take the opportunity to treat yourself to an awesome trip with our lobster limo, which is an eye-catching car with 6 final steps, four bars and a bass can in the seat you sit in with a feeling you will carry you for weeks after your trip. Flashing neon lights that move in time with the rhythm of the music. Dare to book Stockholm’s biggest monster car this summer.

Hummer H2 Limousine


Hummer H2 Limousine


HUMMER H2 Big and brutal with its 6 tones can not be more eye-catching magnet. The longest in Stockholm at 10 meters if you are not satisfied with the smallest. 22 seats equipped for 8 – 4 bars 6 power outlets and lots of speakers – You will not be dissatisfied. A Limo that stands out and others notice! You will both be seen and heard with the city’s worst stereo. Johan takes you to the heights you never thought were possible and you will certainly not forget the journey in our black cool H2. Book the trip luxuriously and well with Aclasslimo. The interior with neon that changes in several colors. Wider and heavier than any other limo in Stockholm. Celebrate a birthday, a gift for your loved one on a normal Monday it tends to be so successful and I promise you will have plenty of legroom when there are 22 seats. A real eye magnet in the city. Please let me know and I will arrange a good price with this transport.

Hummer H2

  • Maximum 8 passengers
  • SEK 5,550 per hour / certain trips SEK 2,500

A-Classlimo is not just a ride it’s a five-star driver’s service in Stockholm. When you enter one of our vehicles we offer professionalism and courtesy. Our drivers are chosen with care and offer one superior service. With our white beauty Lincoln. We exceed your expectations.

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