Limousine Stockholm

The right Limousine for the right occation
with many options to chose from, Let Aclass
Limousine make your event special memory
at a nice price! Stockholm evening can not
begin better or why not end the best!

Red departure 10% discount on the eveningś current
Limousine or very good special price on two Limousines
when you are more than 8 

We stand for the Service you for the party – Customers
often say it’s so nice to Cruice with Limo in Stockholm at
night pass the place for the view over the City – So nice
to sit all 8 connected to Bluetooth stereo heavy bass and
good sound. Why have we never been able to party in a
stretch Limousine & everyone agrees that it was not the
last time cruising and guided tours with white Limousine
and the female driver take some photo of us itś the top notch!

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I am driven by the desire to create Limousine trips that
are so clearly different from the crowd that it raises an
immediate habit. Limousine transport with that little
extra – makes it impossible to defend yourself. Limousine
that bring out that feeling – here I want to book my own
Limo alá Hollywood Style and arrive like a star as you
slide out the back door of the Limo that I open for you!