Limousine a nice gift
to give a friend

Welcome to Aclass limo We have package prices
and discounts up to 10% for you today. You get a
good service and a humble reception in Stockholm

At the last second most of the bachelorette and
bachelor come on how do we get from here to
there? That we have to book a transport we can
not walk and how fun it is to go with taxi, bus or
metro this day when we are going out
shine, dress us up and be so good looking so fun.
It is
much nicer and more luxurious to travel with
glamor style and elegance! That’s when the
limousines do that
great extra.
Usually, the budget is small after almost all of the
money spent on the spa and lots of other activities.
You get limo for a special discount when you are
more than 8 people book both limos so everyone
can ride at the same time it is not so important to
go in the same car we can change half way so the
bride comes to the other car
hire two limousines
are much cooler and so mighty double discount
also so good

Many Syrian girls have started with bridal gowns
which is fun and is starting to become a tradition
that seems to increase more often a replica that is
recurring you are crazy who of you have found this?
I haven’t driven in a limousine
how did you know
l would love it?

Sometimes she cries tears of joy when limousine
becomes so big so odd and powerful! This is the best
thing I’ve ever been to and I will never forget this ever
thank you sweetieś this is so cool., I die, let the hour be
long. Increase the volume of playing carola now we
party, toasts. Open Champagne celebrates that I will get
married and that we also got a 10% discount on the trip.

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Photography is included in all runs if you just want to
make the reservation so the camera comes along. We
Drivers Annelie and Johan take pictures with you all
and the limousines you get for free as a memory a few
days / week later via email. A small review does not
hurt the trouble and is very much welcomed so that
other hippies and sexes can read about your
experience with AClasslimousine

Hummer H2 Limousine at the widest point is the
longest and largest in Stockholm with its 10 meters
4 bars and 22 seats registered for 8 passengers this
car is brutal
and the bachelor becomes to be so
much cooler in this monster limo. Of course, you
get a 10% discount on H2 limon
very much
appreciated and of course you should
use it.

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